Only one Denver precinct picked Republican Walker Stapleton in this election

(It’s the same one that picked President Trump in 2016.)
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Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton addresses supporters during a rally at Jefferson County GOP headquarters, Nov. 3, 2018. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton spent some time on his campaign touting his support for President Trump. We now know it ended up seriously hurting him among voters in Colorado.

So Stapleton wasn't able to pull a Trump-level election night shocker after he lost to Jared Polis. But he did manage to match Trump in one respect -- he won the same single Denver precinct that the president won in 2016.

The final unofficial City and County of Denver results show Stapleton won Denver precinct 132, located way out in the city's southwest corner in the Marston neighborhood. City data shows the precinct is home to 1,262 eligible voters; 1,011 cast ballots, for an 80 percent voter turnout.

A closeup screengrab of Denver precinct 132, the only precinct Stapleton won over Polis. Map courtesy of Denver Elections.

The remaining 355 precincts in deep-blue Denver voted for Polis.

Like, really voted for him: Governor-elect Jared Polis earned 77.34 percent of votes to Stapleton's 19.55 percent. Nearly four times as many people voted for Polis than Stapleton in Denver: 236,697 votes for Polis, 59,826 for Stapleton.

Overall, 310,103 ballots were cast in the City and County of Denver, good enough for 63.9 percent registered voter turnout.

The unofficial results are pending a risk-limiting audit, which is a process that ensures votes are counted accurately. The spokesman for the Denver Elections Division Alton Dillard said this certification process will be done next week.

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