Opening alert: Fancy Cherry Creek coffee shop opens new fancy Cherry Creek coffee shop

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The new Aviano Coffee, 215 St. Paul St. (Courtesy Vocapr)
Joe & Joyce Keum

Great news if your coffee shop is Aviano Coffee: Next time you arrive and find it's too crowded, you can just walk three blocks to the other Aviano Coffee.

Aviano today opened a second shop at 215 St. Paul St.

The original Aviano Coffee, opened by Douglas and Saadia Naiman in 2010, is at 244 Detroit St.

Google Maps driving directions from the original Aviano Coffee to the new Aviano Coffee. #NeverDrive

(Note: Four minutes to drive 0.3 miles? Wow, driving in Denver is stupid.)

A press release announcing the new Aviano said they're hoping to attract a new clientele in the move slightly east with "a different look and vibe." That includes interior murals from L.A.-based artist Hagop Belian, who is "known for his unique animal totems that represent the merging of a human being with their spirit animal and his creatures crawl Aviano's interior walls in a dramatic black and white art scene." And in addition to the familiar Aviano offerings, the St. Paul location will eventually have a small, rotating menu of specialty beverages.

"We wanted our second location to be different while still maintaining our core values," Saadia Naiman said in the release. "While it's still the exceptional coffee experience that we're known for, we wanted to experiment with some new menu offerings and take an edgy, unconventional approach with the design elements in the space itself that is different not only from the first location but from anything else seen in Denver."

Hours at the new Aviano Coffee are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

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