A car nearly crashed onto the Cherry Creek Trail (again)

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A tow truck driver pulls a wrecked vehicle off of a hill just above the Cherry Creek Trail. (David Sachs/Denverite)

A driver jumped the curb in her Nissan Altima, landing inches from the edge above the Cherry Creek Trail walking and biking path after a two-car crash at the intersection of Speer Boulevard and Clarkson Street Friday afternoon.

"The bushes saved her," a tow truck driver at the scene said, referring to the trees and shrubs that stood between the driver and the path below.

No one was injured, Rob Herzberger, a Denver Police Department crash investigator, said.

"Thank goodness," he added, still investigating the crash at 5:30 p.m.

While the wreckage was cleared from the sidewalk and car traffic was open, the impact from the crash threw a tree onto the trail. A bicyclist nearly hit the tree on the unlit section of the path, Herzberger said, while others avoided it by going off-road a bit.

This happened near Eighth Avenue in May 2017, and a car actually landed on the path near Logan Street in January 2017.

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