Tell us who’s helping address Denver’s hunger and food security issues

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Who, exactly, will be next?

In November, former Gov. John Hickenlooper marked Hunger and Homelessness Awareness and Action Week by calling on residents to help end the struggle of hungry residents statewide.

Do you know someone who responded to a similar call even before statewide leaders announced it as a priority? A person who works or volunteers to serve the city's underserved residents? What about someone who's made it their life mission to end hunger in Denver, or beyond, within our lifetime?

If you know someone who fits this bill, we're asking you to nominate them for our next edition of Who's Next. You've already helped us find the rising stars in politics and in housing, now we're looking for folks who are working to solve the complex issue of hunger in Denver.

We want to find community members whose work involves ideas, projects and policies addressing hunger in Denver.

This could be someone who isn't necessarily an established figure, but whose work has caught the attention of those in power or in a position to expand their ideas to a greater audience. It could be an advocate or a government employee or just someone who cares enough about ending hunger that they're constantly trying to find ways to fix it.

Help us find them.

Your nomination will help us build a field of finalists and give them a chance to present their ideas to a wider audience.

To nominate someone, fill out the form below. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, April 10.

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