SUV parked on Denver City and County Building plaza draws police presence, bomb investigator, but everyone’s fine

There’s no danger to the public. Police are in contact with the driver.
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(David Sachs/Denverite)

Twelve emergency vehicles surrounded a sports utility vehicle parked at the southeast corner of the City and County Building plaza on Monday morning as officers tried to understand why someone jumped the sidewalk and left the car there.

"The driver was cited for Careless Driving and was transported to the hospital for evaluation," Denver Police Department spokesman Doug Schepman said via email.

The driver did nothing that rose to the level of a criminal charge. Police did cite the driver for a traffic violation.

At least one bomb investigator was on the scene, according to one officer, who wanted people to clear the area.

"The bomb guy wants everybody back a little more," he said. Schepman said it was probably "just a precaution."

No one was evacuated, but security officers did close the main exit to the building, which houses the offices of the mayor and city council, as well as courtrooms and several other government offices.

(David Sachs/Denverite)

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