Bannock Street’s been closed to cars in front of the City and County Building because people keep driving up to the City and County Building

Expect new security measures.
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(David Sachs/Denverite)

If you've been wondering why the one block stretch of Bannock Street in front of Denver's seat of government is closed, it's because two drivers in the last six weeks have jumped the curb onto the plaza.

"The city will be auditing safety and security at all city facilities and are working to implement enhanced security measures," Denver General Services spokeswoman Kami Butt said in a statement. "Therefore, Bannock Street between Colfax Avenue and 14th Avenue has been temporarily closed to vehicle traffic while city personnel review and implement improved safety enhancements along the street."

Fixes could take weeks, Butt said, though the city is trying to "fast-track" solutions. Butt would not go into specifics about security measures.

"We really are in the very very initial stages of assessing what that looks like," she said.

On Jan. 14, an SUV driver who parked a few feet from the City and County Building drew police officers, including a bomb investigator. No one was hurt. The man was cited and then sent to the hospital for evaluation.

The stretch has been closed to vehicles -- there are entrances for people on bikes and pedestrians -- for about two weeks.

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