Mile High Brewery Bracket: Here are your Frothy Four

It’s like the Final Four, only with more carbonation.
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We’re down to four breweries in this epic battle.

This is the real stuff, folks. The Final/Frothy Four.

Each face-off to get us here from the Elite/yEasty Eight was a close one, and two 1-seeds went down with a fight leaving just Cerebral Brewing Co. left from the upper nomination ranks. Six-seed Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co. is still in this thing, as is its 2-seed neighbor, Ratio Beerworks. But it's not a Five Points brewery showdown yet -- OMF will face Cerebral while Ratio battles 3-seed Comrade Brewing Co. in this penultimate round.

No brewery makes it to the championship without your support. So vote. And have a beer or four, you're totally earning it.

We're down to four breweries in this epic battle.

Form not working for you? Vote here.

Cerebral Brewing Co.

1477 Monroe St.
Congress Park

Comrade Brewing Co.

7667 E. Iliff Ave.
Indian Creek

Our Mutal Friend Brewing

2810 Larimer St.
Five Points

Ratio Beerworks

2920 Larimer St.
Five Points

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