*Very important* poll: Which Denver mascot (official or unofficial) would win in a fist fight?

We heard there’s an election today. Here’s something else you can vote for!
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Will Blucifer’s laser eyeballs beat out Peyton’s laser accuracy? (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Hopefully by now you've either sent your ballot away to be counted by the magical fairies or dropped it off at a very fancy box somewhere in Denver. The point is, you're done voting for your favorite presidential candidate on this fine Super Tuesday and are now patiently awaiting results, hoping Colorado doesn't pull an Iowa.

But your voting isn't over! Denver has some iconic mascots, from a fat blue bear that peaks into the Colorado Convention Center to the stray chihuahua that roams our neighborhoods (pretty sure there's more than just one, but how can we be sure?).

So we got to wondering...

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