Civic Center Park is closed, and so is Lincoln Park, the Public Library lawn and MacIntosh Park or McIntosh Park

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Civic Center Park, March 11, 2017. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Denver has closed Civic Center Park and nearby areas -- including Lincoln Park, MacIntosh Park, Pioneer Monument and the Public Library lawn -- until further notice Sunday to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Park rangers will be there for enforcement.This comes days after Denver Parks and Recreation announced it is also closing the parks at Red Rocks Amphitheatre Friday.

The city's stay-at-home directive, which is set to last through April 30, currently extends past the state's, which ends April 26.

And if you read that directive and find yourself wondering what "MacIntosh Park" is, there are two references to it on Denver's website (one of which is the announcement of the closure), but neither describes its location. If you search "McIntosh Park," you will learn that it is the lawn area outside the Webb Building across Colfax from Civic Center Park -- the lone reference to it spelled that way will inform you that it is home to one of DDPHE's syringe disposal boxes.

So it's spelled one of those two ways.

Please, whatever you do, don't spoil this mystery for us by tweeting the real name of this park and verified documentation to @daveburdick.

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