This massive pile of seemingly abandoned luggage at DIA is not part of a conspiracy theory (supposedly)

We solved the mystery no one has thought about!
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This pile of luggage isn’t part of a conspiracy theory (or is it?).
Hart Van Denburg/CPR News

While out on assignment Thursday, CPR photojournalist Hart Van Denburg spotted something strange at DIA.

To be clear, Denver's airport is full of strange things. There's definitely some weird apocalyptic art and maybe some aliens, the Illuminati and a nuclear bomb bunker for the president of the United States. Even some things outside are weird, like Blucifer, the demonic, atomically correct horse that killed its creator.

But back to Hart's spotting. As he walked by all the Great Hall construction, he noticed a massive pile of abandoned luggage, shown above.

Where did the bags come from? Why were they just sitting there, in a big pile? Where were their humans? Who put them there? Who am I?

"We were wondering when someone might spot those bags inside the Great Hall construction site," said DIA spokesperson Shellee Casiello when we asked.

Turns out, they're being used to test the new baggage handling systems (supposedly).

"The Great Hall Project team was kind enough to allow a little 'real estate' inside the construction walls for bag storage during the testing," Casiello said.

And, according to her, the bags were purchased by the contractor (supposedly).

Mystery solved.

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