E-bikes will be allowed on RTD transit starting Nov. 15

It fits with Denver’s larger approach to incentivize car alternatives.
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Viktor Dokulevski, right, and Lilia Asenova of Denver shop for an electric bicycle at Campus Cycles in south Denver on Saturday, May 14, 2022.
Nathaniel Minor/CPR News

Starting Nov. 15, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) will allow passengers to travel on RTD vehicles with e-bikes.

But there will be a few rules to follow:

  • Bikes that are heavier than 55 pounds will not be allowed on the front bike racks of buses;
  • e-bikes will have to fit on front bike racks or in the lower luggage compartment on regional buses;
  • and riders won't be allowed to use the light rail high blocks reserved for helping people with disabilities.

Gasoline-powered vehicles are still banned.

As part of an approach to fight climate change, the city has been incentivizing the use of e-bikes by giving out rebates. The program has been wildly popular, running out of funding for now ahead of schedule.

RTD said the decision was made after researching the e-bike policies of nine transit agencies across the country. In a press release Wednesday, RTD said it plans to continue to update its best practices as the rules change.

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