Snowed out: District 1’s City Council debate at Regis University has been postponed

A new date has not been set.
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Someone carts a snow shovel across a frozen street in Mar Lee. Jan. 18, 2023.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

Denver Public Schools may be open today, Wed., Jan. 15, but tonight's District 1 City Council debate at Regis University has been officially snowed out.

The Denver North Star, one of the debates' sponsors, posted the following to social media:

David Sabados, publisher of the Denver North Star and the G.E.S. Gazette, is trying to spread the word before any District 1 residents shows up for the debate.

While one of the candidates, incumbent Councilmember Amanda Sandoval, participated in the Fair Elections Fund, her competitor Ava Truckey did not qualify.

Sabados hopes to reschedule the event, but it's possible that won't work out, since the debate isn't mandated.

"It's not a required FEF debate since only one candidate got enough contributions to qualify," Sabados explained, adding that it may be hard to find a new date that will work for both candidates.

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