Meow Wolf launches yearly all-access pass for Denver location

Can’t get enough of the Multiverse on your budget? The annual Portal Pass is for you.
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Meow Wolf Denver: Convergence Station. Sept. 13, 2021.
Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite

A trip to Meow Wolf's Denver outpost, Convergence Station, costs Coloradans $30 a visit and out-of-towners $40 a ticket. That's made solving the mystery and returning on the regular out of reach for many Denverites on a budget.

Now, Meow Wolf is selling annual passes to each of its four locations: Convergence Station in Denver, Omega Mart in Las Vegas, the House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, and the Real Unreal in Grapevine, Tex. To be clear, each location requires its own annual pass.

The Denver Portal Pass costs $84 for adults and $74 for children, though as the program launches, the immersive arts corporation is offering a 20% discount on that price.

For the cost of less than three visits, residents will be able to enter Convergence Station most days of the year.

The pass includes year-round access, except for on certain blackout dates, and 10% off food and drinks, merch and general admission to other Meow Wolf exhibitions,

Those passes will last 365 days from the date you make the purchase.

For more information, go to Meow Wolf's Portal Pass website.

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