Calling all divers: Casa Bonita is hiring hundreds

The iconic restaurant is set to reopen in May.
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Artwork for The Casa Bonita Art Show by Jeff Lee.
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If you've dreamed of cliff diving at Casa Bonita, here's your chance: the restaurant is hiring more than 550 people ahead of its reopening in May.

Casa Bonita closed during the pandemic, filed for bankruptcy and then was bought by "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. After lawsuits from a local group trying to block the sale and against the City of Lakewood, the restaurant is now on track to open in a few months.

Here's what they're hiring for:

  • Arcade attendant
  • Entertainer (Dry)
  • Entertainer (Wet)
  • Barback
  • Bartender
  • Cashier
  • Guest Service Attendant (Host)
  • Table Assistant
  • Table Attendant
  • Custodian
  • Facility Maintenance Technician
  • Financial Operations Manager
  • Bilingual HR Generalist
  • Cook
  • Cook Assistant
  • Dishwasher
  • Mercado Attendant
  • Security Guard
  • Security Surveillance Technician

A "Wet Entertainer" should be prepared to dive from 16 to 25 feet. If you want that gig, you'll have to submit a 5-minute video performing a range of dives, along with a portfolio. "Dry Entertainers" perform as part of a theatrical cast, and also need to submit an acting video.

One thing that caught our eye is that the only job listings that have been translated to Spanish are for cooks, dishwashers, cooking assistants and custodians.

We reached out to Casa Bonita about why that is, but we have not heard back yet.

Employers can have a rule that requires an employee to speak only English at certain times if "the employer can show that the rule is justified by business necessity," which in this case features a lot of front-facing jobs that deal with customers and other staff.

Many of the listings say applicants are required to be able to communicate in English with staff and guests but also say that Spanish speakers are strongly preferred. Last year, more than two dozen workers at the restaurant took classes to learn English and Spanish to improve communication throughout the restaurant.

Executive chef Dana Rodriguez also told the Denver Post that translators will be available for applicants interviewing for jobs.

Governor Jared Polis and Executive Chef Dana Rodriguez announced that Casa Bonita is hiring.
Paul H. Trantow

Making hundreds of hires could prove difficult, as many industries continue to struggle to fill positions vacated as a result of the pandemic.

"More than half of Colorado restaurants are currently reporting that they are understaffed," said Colorado Restaurant Association spokesperson Denise Mickelsen. "It's a very tricky time to be hiring that many people."

Casa Bonita released a video with Governor Jared Polis and Rodriguez announcing the hiring spree.

"I won't be available for four years, but please keep a position open for me because I will be looking for work," Polis told Rodriguez. Polis just began his second term this month, after which he will be term-limited.

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