Here’s the order candidates for mayor and city council will appear on your ballot

Denver Elections did a draw Tuesday night to determine the order the 17 mayor hopefuls and other candidates will appear on the ballot for the April election.
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Kevin Castillo (left) and Todd Davidson of the Denver Elections Division prepare to read the randomly selected name of the mayoral candidate who will appear first on spring ballots. Feb. 7, 2023.
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Denver Elections conducted its lottery draw Tuesday night to determine what position the candidates for mayor, city council (both district and at-large), auditor and clerk and recorder will appear on the ballot.

If local history and political science are any indicators, this could actually affect the race by some margin. Might be a big deal in the mayor's race given that it's the largest field in at least 40 years.

Here's the order the candidates you'll be voting for  will appear on your ballot:


Lisa Calderón

Trinidad Rodriguez

Aurelio Martinez

Thomas Wolf

Al Gardner

Terrance Roberts

Kwame Spearman

Renate Behrens

Chris Hansen

Mike Johnston

James Walsh

Ean Thomas Tafoya

Andy Rougeout

Leslie Herod

Robert Treta

Deborah "Debbie" Ortega

Kelly Brough

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At-large council seats

Travis Leiker

Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

Penfield Tate

Sarah Parady

Jeff Walker

Marty Zimmerman

Will Chan

Dominic A. Diaz

Tim Hoffman

District 1

Ava Truckey

Amanda Sandoval

District 2

Kevin Flynn

Chris Herr

Tiffany Caudill

District 3

Jamie Torres

District 4

Tony Pigford

Diana Romero Campbell

District 5

Amanda Sawyer

Michael Hughes

District 6

Paul Kashmann

District 7

Nick Campion

Flor Alvidrez

Adam Estroff

Arthur May

Guy Padgett

District 8

Christian A. Steward

Tyler Drum

Leslie Twarogowski

Shontel M. Lewis

Brad Revare

District 9

Candi CdeBaca

Kwon Atlas

Darrell Watson

District 10

Margie Morris

Shannon Hoffman

Chris Hinds

Noah Kaplan

District 11

Stacie Gilmore


Timothy M. O'Brien

Erik J. Clarke

Clerk and Recorder

Paul D. Lopez

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article misspelled Margie Morris' name. We regret the error.

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