Kyle Zeppelin: ‘The American dream in the suburbs is overrated.’

Are millennials eschewing the urban lifestyle? Well, they shouldn’t, developer of urban communities says.
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Are the suburbs having a moment? Curbed is the latest publication to consider whether millennials might eschew urban living in favor of that lofty goal of homeownership.

In examining the subject, they spoke with Kyle Zeppelin about the company's mixed-use Taxi project in River North. Not surprisingly, the developer of new urbanist communities does not think the suburbs are where it's at.

Curbed heaps praise on the project:

"It could be labeled peak millennial if it wasn’t so successful, so deeply considered, and so not meant for a single demographic. Zeppelin’s vision aims to be more sustainable and to support a lifetime of urban living."

And Zeppelin says that's the way to go:

"Developers are hung up on getting the most value per square foot. But for the people occupying it, it’s all about the value they’re receiving. A small footprint doesn’t matter to them if it’s, say, under $1,000 and gives them the amenities, functional space, and lifestyle they want. This campus-like setup offers people more of what they want, and more time to do what they enjoy. The American dream in the suburbs is overrated."

As for whether millennials will move to the suburbs ... Well, lots of opinions, no definitive answers.

If you're a Denver millennial considering a move to the suburbs, tell us about it! Email residential real estate reporter Megan Arellano at [email protected].

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