How to make the most of Golden’s new bike share program

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Golden’s Washington Avenue. (Wilko Hardenberg / Flickr)

The Golden Bike Library has been up and running for a couple weeks now. Offering up its bicycles for free or cheap rides, it's a promising new way to explore Denver's western neighbor.

Where and when to get them:

Golden's 40 bikes live at the Golden Visitors Center, 1010 Washington Avenue. They're only available for checkout from Thursday through Sunday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., although they can be returned after hours.

What you should bring:

You'll need a credit card and a valid ID, along with a guardian's signature if you're under 18. The city provides locks and helmets, although you should consider bringing along sunscreen, water and the rest of the essentials.

What it will cost:

The first two hours are free, and it's $10 per bike for the rest of the day.

Where you can go:

Golden doesn't have nearly as many dedicated bike paths as Denver, but it does have enough lanes to get you safely around the city. Check out the city's biking map here.

The program's bicycles aren't exactly carbon-fiber speed demons, so they might not be great to get you up into the hills around town, but they should be perfect for a loop around town and a few stops along the way. Maybe you could make a day of the Cannonball Creek Brewing Company, Mountain Toad Brewing and the Golden City Brewery.

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