The New York Times just played an excellent round of Denver millennial bingo

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Apparently a hipster. (Flickr/Joel Bedford)

Denver gains about 13,000 millennials per year, making up perhaps a third of population growth.

That's probably the only new thing you'll learn from today's New York Times feature story about Denver – but it does make for a great round of Denver millennial bingo. Read on to see what I'm talking about.

Things the NYT found in Denver:

  • "a sort of food court for the Uber generation"
  • "many in hoodies and yoga pants"
  • "the trendy Lower Downtown district, known locally as LoDo"
  • "signs supporting Bernie Sanders"
  • "a Brooklyn native and lawyer who moved here in 2011"
  • "an 1886 two-story, mansard-style house"

Things the NYT credited for attracting all these millennials:

  • The new airport
  • "the beer, the trains, the mountains and, yes, the legal weed"
  • A growth boundary that limited sprawl
  • Coors Field
  • Historic preservation
  • A "sense of identity ... that millennials find appealing"

Reasons the NYT thinks young people might dislike Denver:

  • Rising housing costs
  • An increasing "homeless population"
  • Bad pizza

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