Denver Beer Co. really wants Rockies manager Walt Weiss to try this beer

There’s a German-style beer appropriately named Walt Weiss waiting for him.

A Denver Beer. Co. Walt Weiss T-shirt that Charlie Berger tried to send to the Colorado Rockies manager. (Denverite)

A Denver Beer. Co. T-shirt that Charlie Berger tried to send to the Colorado Rockies manager. (Denverite)

Charlie Berger just wants Walt Weiss to come in and have a Walt Weiss.

Berger, the co-founder of Denver Beer Co., decided to name one of his beers after Weiss (the person) shortly after he was named the Rockies manager in November 2012.

Berger remembered Weiss from his days as Colorado’s shortstop from 1994 to 1997. He admired Weiss’ cerebral approach to the game — the way he worked counts — and also appreciated the effort he gave day in and day out.

So when Weiss came back aboard with the Rockies, it just made sense for Berger to rename the German-style Hefeweizen after him. The Walt Weiss (pronounced with a “V”) debuted on April 5, 2013 — the same day Weiss managed his first Rockies game at Coors Field.

Ever since, Berger has tried to get Weiss to come in and sip the beer named in his honor. So far, he hasn’t had any luck. And not for a lack of trying.

Berger used to have a Denver Beer Co. regular, whose name is lost on him now. The man said he worked for the Rockies organization. He knew about the Walt Weiss beer.

Berger told him about his idea to have Weiss come in and sample the beverage. The regular said he’d relay the message. To prove it was real, Berger even gave him a purple Denver Beer Co. T-shirt that featured the beer on the front of it. Nothing ever came of it.

“He said he gave it to him,” Berger said. “But that’s all hearsay.”

So the quest continues for Berger, who’s split Rockies season tickets with a group for the last 10 years. Berger estimates he still makes it out to about eight home games a year; it’s been harder for him now that he has two girls, ages 1 and 3, on top of a business to run.

He believes there’s hope for the future in LoDo. Berger said that the starting pitching staff has impressed him this year. He was bummed about Trevor Story’s thumb injury that’ll force him to miss the rest of the year. In general, he’s supportive of how Weiss has managed the club.

“He had to make (Adam) Ottavino the closer, right?” Berger said.

Once the offseason hits, Berger hopes Weiss will take him up on his offer. Berger said Weiss could even help him brew a batch of the beer if he’d like.

Weiss, for his part, is at least aware there’s a local beer named after him. He sounds open to the idea of drinking one at some point down the line, too.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of it,” Weiss said earlier this month. “Someone sent me a picture of it one time. … I’ll have to try that.”

Berger will be waiting.