Suspect Russell Daniels arrested with a gun and a wound to the head after an all-night chase through Boulder

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Russell Daniels. (Boulder Police Department)

Police in Boulder searched for more than eight hours for Russell Daniels, who reportedly fired multiple shots as police arrived at his mobile home during an initial confrontation.

When police eventually found him, he reportedly had survived a wound, possibly a gunshot, to the head. A gun of unknown type was recovered nearby.

The confrontation began when police officers went to check out a report of a suspicious person in a motorhome at Hickory Avenue and Brooklawn Drive, according to Boulder police.

A woman rushed out of the home, urging officers inside, police reported.

They didn't immediately enter, for good reason: The suspect allegedly fired four shots inside the home s officers moved to protect the woman who had fled.

It's unclear what he was firing at, but a large amount of blood in the trailer indicates the suspect might have shot himself at that time, police said. Keep in mind, this was around 10:30 p.m.

When police searched the home, the suspect was already gone, reportedly leaving a trail of blood. Officers deployed in body armor to search through the night.

Daniels, 34, was arrested at about 7 a.m. on Wednesday.

He was found on a bike path on the 4000 block of Baseline Road. That's just about a mile west of where he started. Officers had him get on a stretcher and took him to Boulder Community Health.

Residents in the area had been urged through reverse-911 calls to stay inside their homes during the search.

He was "covered in blood from an apparent self-inflicted gun wound," the Denver Post reported. However, police in a news release said only that it was a "wound."

He was wanted on an out-of-state felony drug warrant, and he is not supposed to be near the woman who fled the trailer, due to a restraining order, according to police.

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