Darryl Glenn’s chances of winning: Less than 1 percent?

(Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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The New York Times projects that the Republicans’ chances of winning the U.S. Senate election in Colorado are very, very small.

The Times runs these projections on all kinds of races, mostly based on polling. Right now, NYT has incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet winning by 16 percentage points, with a 99-percent-plus chance of victory. That’s up from a mere 99-point-something-percent chance of victory.

Meanwhile, the Gray Lady’s super-advanced computer systems have Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning Colorado declining to 81 percent, and that’s not including a new poll that has Donald Trump leading by a couple points here.

That concludes this edition of horse-race journalism.

Don't worry, it's root beer. (The Simpsons)

Don't worry, it's root beer. (The Simpsons)