Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 9

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The fallout over Donald Trump's sexually aggressive comments about women continues among Colorado politicians.

Colorado Republicans are still responding to Trump

Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is finished praying and decided he can't vote for Trump. He joins Rep. Mike Coffman and Sen. Cory Gardner in the call that Trump should step aside. (Denverite)

A couple hundred dollars of delinquent taxes can lead cost you your home in Colorado

Mobile home owners can lose their homes in Colorado over a minor tax debt when investors buy the tax lien. County treasurers are trying to educate these homeowners about the increasingly common practice. (Denver Post)

Yes, Paxton Lynch will be the Broncos' starting quarterback tonight

Everybody was pretty sure yesterday, but now they're really sure. (NFL)

Denver homebuyers searching for more homes below the median price

I imagine this means that almost 69 percent of would-be homebuyers are probably just pressing refresh on their browser, waiting for a more affordable home to show up. (Denverite)

He had to leave the never, never land of Quixote’s True Blue

The Grateful Dead-themed bar will host its last show ever on Oct. 31. Owner Jay Bianchi is moving on after 20 years. (Denverite)

Colorado brought home more medals from GABF than Australia brought home from the 2016 Olympics

All I'm saying is that 38 medals is a lot of medals. (Denverite)

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