Denver-based MapQuest offers $10,000 and a guide to life in Canada in the event of a Trump win

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MapQuest’s promotional image. Why is there blue if we’re moving to Canada? There’s no blue in the Canadian flag.(PRNewsFoto/MapQuest)

MapQuest's promotional image. Why are there stars and blue if we're moving to Canada? There's <a href="" target="_blank">no blue in the Canadian flag</a>. (PRNewsFoto/MapQuest)

One could argue that the most effective strategy to avoid being governed by Donald Trump if you don't want to be governed by Donald Trump is to just vote. But if you like your horses before your carts, another option is to start moving to Canada.

To that end, MapQuest's editorial site Parachute is giving one person $10,000 and an "abundance of information and guidance about life in Canada" in the event that Trump wins. 

Among those helpful tips: "Become a Permanent Resident of Canada." Good, since the official rules of the contest say "all logistics... involved with any relocation will be the sole responsibility of the winner."

Not among those tips: CNN Money says that an immigration lawyer will run you about $4,000 to $6,000.

But whatever, because even if Trump loses, Mapquest is going to give away $10,000 dollars to someone to "to travel the U.S. and discover all of the things that truly make America great."

Is that MapQuest's  tacit acknowledgement of unfavorable projections for a Trump presidency? Who knows. All I know is that you should definitely vote.

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