Rainn Wilson wants to make a movie about Longmont Potion Castle, the legendary Colorado prank-caller

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Seattle telephone operators. (Seattle Municipal Archives)

Longmont Potion Castle is the pseudonym of the "BEST surrealist prank caller of all time," as Rainn Wilson describes it.

The 40-something prank artist has been taping his calls since the 1980s, operating first from Littleton. By now he's released some 14 albums of these calls, his weirdly normal voice saying increasingly absurd things, often prompting threats of violence.

Now he'll be the subject of a biopic called "Where in the hell is the Lavender House?" The film promises to be a "biographical and investigative documentary," with Wilson (who you may know as Dwight of "The Office") acting as executive producer.

The filmmakers say they'll travel to Los Angeles and Denver to "get to the bottom of the rumours that surround his identity." Is he a celebrity with a fake identity, they ask? Just one guy or a collective?

There is, of course, a fundraiser. They want to bring in $100,000. For $70, you can get a call from LPC himself.

Seriously, who is this guy?

I told you: We don't know.

One of his best-known bits may be a series of calls to Denver's Underbakke & Associates. In Super Bowl Halftime, my personal favorite, he pretends to be former coach Mike Shanahan asking people for advice on how the Broncos can win the big game.

He finds his unwilling participants by listening and looking for them in the real world, he says.

Why is it called Longmont Potion Castle? "I don't remember any other name being considered," he tells Rolling Stone.

Also, he has a running thing where he calls Alex Trebek, who seems like a good sport and astutely points out the difference between Siam and Thailand.

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