The Broncos’ streak of division titles is in doubt because the AFC West is historically great this year

As ESPN pointed out, the NFL hasn’t had three seven-win teams through Week 10 since 1999.
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Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby (29) scores on a 49-yard interception during second quarter action against the San Diego Chargers in the NFL game at Sports Authority Field in Denver, Colo. October 30, 2016. (Photo: © Eric Lars Bakke/ Denver Broncos)

Bradley Roby and the Broncos play in the most competitive division in football. (Photo: © Eric Lars Bakke/ Denver Broncos)

The Denver Broncos have the sixth-best winning percentage in football. They head into their Week 11 bye at 7-3.

And yet, they're still third in the AFC West. Such is life in the toughest division in football.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders are tied atop the AFC West standings at 7-2. Then it's the Broncos at 7-3 and Chargers at 4-6.

There are only five seven-win teams in all of football — the 8-1 Dallas Cowboys, the 7-2 New England Patriots and the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos. Three of them play in the same division.

As ESPN pointed out, the NFL hasn't had three seven-win teams in the same division through this late in the season since 1999.

The good news is that while winning a sixth-straight AFC West crown might be difficult for the Broncos — Football Outsiders is giving them an 18.7 percent chance to do so — they are still likely to sew up a playoff spot. Football Outsiders rates their chances of earning a playoff spot at 64.3 percent.

We'll see how the Broncos' final six games play out. They still must face the Chiefs twice and the Patriots and Raiders once.

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