Denver in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Nov. 19

For one thing, it’s going to be 10 degrees colder than we thought today.
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A view of Denver in winter. (R0uge/Wikimedia Commons)

A view of Denver in winter. (R0uge/Wikimedia Commons)

For one thing, it's going to be 10 degrees colder than we thought today. Layer up.

Trump picked a longtime opponent of legal marijuana to be attorney general

We talked to a professor of marijuana law and policy about what that might mean for Colorado. (Denverite)

Democrats control the State Board of Education for the first time in nearly 50 years

Challenger Rebecca McClellan beat incumbent Republican Debora Scheffel in a tight race that extended beyond Election Day. (Chalkbeat)

And speaking of tight competition

The Nuggets lost to the Raptors in overtime last night. (AP)

3.5 percent of the Colorado workforce was unemployed in October

State employment numbers continue to show improvement, but it's not good news for everyone. (Denverite)

The A Line isn't just slowing you down

It's slowing down the progress of its fellow light-rail lines, pushing back several opening dates. (Denverite)

He lead the DU hockey team through great years, now he coaches high schoolers

He also held an NHL coaching job, but George Gwozdecky isn't bitter at all. He seems to be thriving in his new, smellier gig. (Denverite)

Run a 5K and get a free piece of pie

It's among the many things you can do today. (Denverite)

Let's talk about transportation

Jarrett Walker, public transit policy consultant and the man behind talks about the future of Denver transit and the effects of electing a president with an anti-transit platform. (Streetsblog)

Governing Magazine named Mayor Hancock a public official of the year

The honor isn't surprising considering the rest of the country's usual glowing praise for Denver, but it might not resonate with some of his constituents. (Denverite)

Justice in the Cold Springs fire case

The two men who started the fire near Nederland this summer have been sentenced to two years work release and four years probation. (CBS)

 Colorado ski areas will finally start opening

Thanks, snow! (Denverite)

But the snow pack is still in rough shape

And that's bad news for people who work at ski areas. (AP)

Here's who left 5,000 coins "good for one free dram" all over Denver

It's not pirates. (Denverite)

There are nearly infinite ways pro football plays could spend their time off

Trevor Siemian is spending his bye week shopping with your dad. (Denverite)

Here is analysis of the Denver Nuggets problems

It also includes a video about wolves. (SBN)

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