Denver news in 5 minutes: What you need to know today, Oct. 26

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The view from the 16th Street viaduct near Union Station. (George L. Beam/Western History and Genealogy Department/Denver Public Library)

Hi. This is going to be my first Halloween in a long, long time living in a house -- or at least a house that any trick-or-treater would visit, since I used to live down a long, creepy country road outside Raleigh. So, I bought about 300 pieces of candy because I don't know what to expect. One thing I have decided: You're definitely getting a trick if you try to ring my doorbell on Saturday instead of Halloween proper.

Anyway, today's news roundup has some spooky tidbits, today's weird weather and lots more.

The view from the 16th Street viaduct near Union Station. (George L. Beam/Western History and Genealogy Department/Denver Public Library)

The warmest part of the day will be 10 a.m. Then come the chilly winds, rain and potentially snow in the late afternoon. 


Johnny "The Puppetmaster" Sandoval won't be putting on his beloved Halloween display in Mar Lee. Sadly, there was a death in the family -- but Kevin did get some great photos of Sandoval's collection to tide you over. (Denverite)


Former Nugget Al Harrington is the latest athlete to become a cannabis entrepreneur. He says weed helped with his pain, Christian reports. As I wrote earlier, that's an idea that scientists are taking more seriously.

The 4/20 drama continues as a prominent dispensary guy says he had to pay $12,000 in last-minute cash to get 2 Chainz to perform at the allegedly disastrous event in Civic Center. It gets weirder. (Denverite)

Paul Karolyi has a fascinating podcast profile of Jane West, a local marijuana entrepreneur who has been through some crazy twists and turns. (Confluence)


A Denver police officer is going to trial for shooting and killing a suicidal man who had a knife to his own throat, as Michael Roberts reports. (Westword)


Councilwoman Debbie Ortega is pushing for the city to put a lot more money into coordinating the construction cluster-up in north Denver. It can get pretty bad. (Denverite)

Denver has decided to make its own department of transportation. Megan looks at some of the reasons and the challenges ahead. (Denverite)

CDOT spent $340,000 on a cloud backup system that never went live, according to a Brian Maass investigation. The agency says they couldn't get it to the proper security level and eventually killed the deal. (CBS4)

An RTD working group suggests steep discounts for young people, as David Sachs reports. (Streetsblog)

Amazon will now deliver inside your house, if you want. Adrian reports. (Denverite)


John Aguilar has a helpful roundup of what non-Denver cities are voting on this November. (DP)

Erica has you covered in Denver. (Denverite)


A former principal is suing the private Merryhill School in Highlands Ranch, alleging that superiors told her she was intimidating because she is a "big, black woman," among other racial comments, as Kirk Mitchell reports. (DP)


Metro Denver added 9,713 apartment units in the first nine months of the year, a sharp increase from last year. Median rent fell by a few bucks and vacancy rose from 5 to 5.4 percent, as Aldo Svaldi reports. (DP)


The Boulder Valley Velodrome -- a steeply banked cycling track -- opened in 2015, and now it's for sale for $4.7 million. Chris Walker reports. (Westword)

The new Bar Helix in RiNo is a welcome break from all the breweries. Let Ashley take you there. Not literally. (Denverite)

Elsewhere in RiNo, a taco bar/distillery is planned. (Denverite)

Pete's Kitchen and Satire Lounge are trying to reanimate their neon signs, making them flash in the old style. (9)

A veggie guide to Denver eats! (Eater)

Yoga... in my airport? Our intern, Shemar, reports on the new amenity.(Denverite)

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