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Now more than ever, the Denver metro area needs reliable, local reporting. Because when national news organizations are focused on what's happening in Washington and sometimes get to things that affect other regions, who's really looking out for us?

Denverite has been reporting on the issues that affect our daily lives for more than two years. Look at the last few months alone and you'll see the kind of journalism we do for our city.

We've told the stories of lifelong Denverites forced to leave by I-70 construction this year and the similar stories of Denverites pushed out by the Auraria Campus construction long ago. We followed the voter-approved green roofs initiative until it finally became law. We reported on city efforts to boost culture and locals' efforts to change it. We even raced each other across town to learn something about transportation in the city.

Financial contributions from dedicated readers like you help keep us here and keep this important work going.

We're in the midst of our year-end membership drive right now. Our goal is to add 130 new members by Dec. 31.

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Stretch goals

If we reach 200 new members, we'll launch a podcast for Denverite Insiders (people who give at least $100/year) by the end of the year. (Update: We did it! Thank you!)

Here's what will happen if you help us reach our next stretch goal of 260 new members since Election Day: We'll use the first three months of all monthly donations set up between now and the end of the year to help us start a super secret art project. We can't talk about it just yet, but we're excited, and if everything goes the way we hope it does, it'll mean we get to pay local artists to make cool stuff. So if that sounds like something you can get behind, and you like knowing what's up in Denver, you know what to do!

So all told, that's a new podcast, a fun surprise and a warm and fuzzy holiday-good-deed feeling -- all for doing something that makes our city better and healthier.

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