Update: Police don’t think shots were aimed at officers on East Colfax

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Denver police officers were making a traffic stop at 2 a.m. on Thursday morning when a second vehicle "drove by and shot at the officers," KDVR reported earlier.

However, later investigation has determined that the shots most likely were not aimed at police officers.

The incident happened at East Colfax Avenue and Tamarac Street. Police found evidence that a gun had been fired, but it was far enough from where the officers were standing to say that it probably wasn't aimed at them, according to spokeswoman Christine Downs.

Downs did not disclose how many shots were fired, citing the ongoing investigation. Police are not sure whether the suspects were on foot or in a vehicle.

Downs did not know where KDVR picked up on the idea that the shots were aimed at police. Police have not made an official statement saying as much, but it may have come from the officers' radio call, she said.

We've reached out to KDVR for comment.

Correction: I got my callsigns reversed and cited the original report of the shooting to 9News. It was KDVR. My apologies.

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