Report: Tom Brady jersey-snatcher also might have stolen Von Miller’s gear after Super Bowl 50

The FBI and NFL’s security team have reportedly identified the culprit who stole Brady’s jersey last month. Glazer said the suspect is an “international media member.
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Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported Monday that the thief who took Tom Brady’s jersey might also have stolen Von Miller’s gear. (Ron Chernoy/USA Today Sports)

Could the same person who snatched Tom Brady's game-worn jersey shortly after Super Bowl 51 in February also be the same person who stole Von Miller's gear in the aftermath of Super Bowl 50?

That's what Fox Sports' Jay Glazer seems to believe.

The FBI and NFL's security team have reportedly identified the culprit who stole Brady's jersey last month. Glazer said the suspect is an "international media member." That unidentified media member is also under investigation for taking Von Miller's helmet and/or cleats after the Broncos beat the Panthers last year in the Super Bowl, per Glazer.

The international media member was apparently caught on video entering the Patriots' locker room behind Bill Belichick after New England's come-from-behind Super Bowl 51 victory. He was later captured on tape leaving "with something under his arm," Glazer said.

Brady was asked about the missing jersey in his postgame news conference. Here was his explanation: "I put it in my bag and then came out and it wasn't there anymore, so it's unfortunate because that's a nice piece of memorabilia. So if it shows up on eBay somewhere, someone let me know, try to track that down."

I'm sure there's already a screenplay being written about this still-developing story somewhere in California.

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