Denver residential plows are coming out tonight!

The official policy is basically “maybe we plow, maybe we don’t plow.” But the bomb cyclone made the cut.
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Lots of snow at Monaco and Evans in southeast Denver, March 13, 2019. (Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

How bad is this storm? Well, Denver's going to release the residential plows, according to Mayor Michael Hancock.

"We have a full activation of our emergency operations center," he said while addressing media this afternoon. "We have about 70 plows on the street and overnight we'll activate our residential plows. But we're encouraging residents -- please, do not go out and be on the roads if you do not have to."

The city's official policy on plowing residential roads is this: Residential snow plows will be deployed when a storm requires full deployment of Denver's fleet of large plows and "enough snow" has accumulated that the smaller residential plows "can be helpful."

So it's not exactly clear, or a given. But the bomb cyclone made the cut, apparently.

Hancock said the storm was what they expected it would be.

"This is Denver. We're used to these kinds of storms once or twice a year."

The city is actively trying to help people experiencing homelessness to find shelter and support services.

"We're trying to get them indoors in the shelter," Hancock said. "I've also asked all of our police officers on the streets, if they see vulnerable residents, homeless residents, to contact them, try to move them to services."

Want to track the plows? You can do that here.

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